I am quite sure I am not the only one that says Death Note is his/her preferred anime of all time. While I definitely did not watch as many as many others that are bigger fans, it is a certainty that the influence of Death Note is huge. The anime was just so incredibly built.

As expected, this little rant article will contain spoilers. If you did not watch Death Note yet, be sure that you do that first.

Death Note most likely changed anime as we know it. Obviously, this was because of the wonderful manga that was initially created.

It is a shame to see how Death Note led to some real-world deaths, as you can see on the Death Note Wikipedia page, in case you were not aware. After all, anything that has mentions of death gods and “a better world” can lead to fanatics or just people killing in the name of X. I am quite sure that some killings related to Hell Girl also appeared in the past.

Getting back to the subject at hand, Death Note means a lot to me. While it was not the very first anime I ever saw (the first one was Claymore), it is the one that opened the door to the realm of anime.

I should also add that I went through many problems in the past months. My depression reached a whole new level. I managed to start fighting it and actually went through a highly destructive self-awareness journey that reminded me a lot about my past, my hidden memories, my fears. This is when I started to remember what I liked.

Death Note was not among the memories I recovered. It was not until I walked into a library to buy a Christmas gift that I walked along the superheroes/anime section and I saw a large Death Note poster, this one. I instantly bought it.

After I got home and I carefully hanged the poster right on the wall in front of my desk, so I could see it every time I look up, I quickly started looking for the anime so I could watch it. These days it seems like you can find anything on Amazon.

As soon as I started watching, binging quickly became reality. I as I am writing now I am still watching and I am on episode 27. Even if I know everything that is going to happen, I am just so incredibly hooked.

Death Note is built in such a way that it just keeps you watching. You get to love characters and you are conflicted about what is right and what is wrong. This is a perfect watching experience because you want Kira to survive and you want him dead at the same time. Well… at least you want that if you do not agree with his “teachings”, or method, or whatever.

The reason why Death Note was such a hit is simple to understand. I am referring to both the manga and the anime.

If you could kill anyone, would you do it?

I firmly believe that the vast majority of people would kill at least one person. Everyone can end up killing someone in specific circumstances. Death Note simply takes this to a whole new level and creates a premise many thought about: killing without consequences, at least in the beginning.

Death Note would have been as successful even if Kira succeeded at killing N. However, the ending was what everyone expects: Kira dying.

Getting back to the main subject at hand, I loved many parts of this anime and am really happy that I got to re-watch it. I loved the fact that Matsuda was the one that shot Light and that Misa survived, without knowledge of ever being Kira 2. I loved the touch with the apples as death god drugs and L.

Most likely, next year I will re-watch Death Note again.


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