You are either for cryptocurrency use or against it. This is how it goes. I am all for it, no matter how difficult acceptance can be and how technology is not up to the point at which crypto use can be mainstream.

While everyone knows about Bitcoin and maybe other smaller crypto coins, few are aware of the fact that there are thousands out there. Most of them will die soon. It is hard to say what coin will survive but this is not the point here.

As I previously reported on Cryptoext, a site I often write for, a new cryptocurrency was launched. This would not be news if it weren’t for who launched it: Roberto Escobar, the brother of drug cartel leader, Pablo Escobar. It seems he is pretty upset with Donald Trump.

Now, the story is really simple. Roberto Escobar was the accountant for the huge drug cartel we all know about. He and a company named Escobar Inc. (yep that is the name) tried to start a GoFundMe campaign meant to raise money to Impeach Donald Trump. The goal was $50 million but only $10 million was raised until the campaign was taken down. Obviously, the official response from Escobar and co. was that the Trump Administration took down the campaign. Whether or not this is the case does not really matter.

Money that will be raised through the operation of the cryptocurrency will be used to further develop the ESCOBAR cryptocurrency and to fund this new Impeach Trump Fund.

While there are many obvious questionable things that can be said, what is interesting for me is that literally anyone can launch a cryptocurrency. The technology is out there. Digital coins can be used to do practically anything. Now, one was launched to get funds to remove President Trump from office.

I do not expect ESCOBAR to be a success. It is, most likely, just an attempt to make a lot of money, although the hate for Trump might make it much stronger than it should be in the long run.

Due to obvious reasons, I am not linking to the ESCOBAR cryptocurrency website. You will need to find it alone!


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