I wanted to write about this because of a gift I got for Christmas. Out of the different ones I received from friends, one that did stand out was an adult coloring book. It was pretty big. Crayons were not included but hey, I can always buy those myself, right?

Many think that coloring is for children but this is such a huge misconception. In fact, practically anything that people say is only aimed for a specific group is just false since we are all different humans with different wishes, but this is another topic.

Coloring helps a lot to reduce anxiety and stress. In fact, there are therapy programs designed around adult coloring. I hope you already know about art therapy.

If you ever wanted to do some coloring but you simply stopped because you are an “Adult” and “coloring is just for children”, think again. Here’s why.

Adult Coloring Books Reduce Stress

One thing you might not know is that coloring in order to reduce stress is much older than what you might think. It was even used by Carl Jung. This was done through mandalas, which are abstract geometrical forms made out of geometrical designs, beings and objects. Many of the ancient cultures used mandalas, like Native American, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Most adult coloring books use mandalas with intricate designs that force you to concentrate on the color. Patterns allow you to express your creativity. For some people these designs even help meditate. While you are coloring, do not be scared if you end up in a hypnotic state.

Adult Coloring Books Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety now affects millions. This is no exaggeration. The mental condition can easily lead to panic attacks, nausea, insomnia, huge stress, fever, chills and more.

Adult coloring books can actually act as your very own anxiety therapy. It helps you to calm yourself and eliminate some of your negative emotions. Colors and patterns become hypnotic. They allow you to feel a lot better, much more powerful and regain control. Basically, if anxiety appears, you can calm yourself by coloring. That’s great, right?

Happy Childhood Memories

Most people remember spending hours coloring when they were children. It was really easy, distracting and a world of fun. This is also true when you are all-grown up. Whenever we color as adults we remember about when we were children. Happy childhood memories always help us feel better throughout the day.

Exercising Your Entire Brain

Most of the things we do throughout the day are mainly controlled by the right side of the brain or the left side of the brain. Coloring is not like that. It actually exercises both your hemispheres. Do you want to take your brain through a “full workout”? Coloring does the trick.

The creative side of our brain is used to pick colors and get aesthetic balance. The frontal lobe is used to focus organization and concentrate. The brain’s rational side is taken care of due to problem-solving and the motor skills needed. Coloring is simple but you need your entire brain to make it work.

Final Thoughts

I can talk a lot about other benefits that adult coloring books offer but this should be enough. I will only add one really important thing:

Coloring is FUN! No matter the age!

The main reason why most adults color is that it is fun. Then, they quickly realize that it is also relaxing.

Just try it!

Some Adult Coloring Books I Found

You can visit most bookstores and find adult coloring books. However, some of the best are found online. This is the truth. Here are some that I found with a simple search on Amazon that look like a lot of fun. You can also just click here to see the entire search.

Really cheap, a best seller on Amazon. Pretty easy to understand why. The title says it all.

This one is more expensive because the quality of the paper is higher than with most books. You might want that.

Number 1 best seller in Anger Management Self Help books on Amazon. What can be more relaxing than coloring and going through swear words without feeling guilty about it?

Mandalas are used to create animal designs. If you love animals, this one is most likely a must-try.

Give these coloring books a try or just try any that you find. You will love it. Then, let me know what you think. In fact, you can express yourself anyway. Do you think adult coloring is a waste of time? Do you find it awesome? I would love to hear from you.

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