I took a break from playing League Of Legends because I had a lot of work to do and I did want to try some other games. I did try Heroes Of The Storm and was quite disappointed, although I did have a lot of fun. I also tried Magic The Gathering Arena and will keep playing it. Still, I do believe LOL is the best MOBA one can play at the moment.

Season 9 of the LOL ranked ladder is one that is particularly interesting. Serious changes happened in esports in the past year and now we see really big sponsors joining the scene. This does include giants like Kia and Mastercard, among many others. The European League of Legends league was rebranded and now I actually look at a game that is a lot more fun to watch.

A big problem with LOL in the past 2 seasons was people complaining. This did not change. With such a game it is completely normal to argue about things. People do not like change so when something major happens, as the game evolved in the past years, it is normal to see opposition. However, I do believe I am as objective as possible in saying that:

“League Of Legends is again fun to watch!”

By the end of Season 8, there was not much that could be said about why I liked watching the game. This was actually the first Worlds championship when I did not watch every single game. It was simply not that interesting for me.

What I did not realize is that Worlds and the entire game was going through a change. For me, it is quite easy to see how the goal RIOT Games is to create a game that can be a great viewing experience and a game that can be played by different people with different skills. This is exactly the state that we have at the moment, although it is hard to see this.

A big problem with League Of Legends was always this wish to win at all costs and a lack of fun for many playing the game. This even includes professional players. Now, things are truly different. You can play anything you want in many different ways.

Watching Professional League Of Legends

I do not know much about the rewards that will be in place for those that watch LOL games online but this is not something of interest for me. I like watching streamers and professional games because of the new ways to play the game, those interesting tactics that are there. As leagues already started, after watching I did try some things, including:

  • Kennen Kleptomancy – Huge win against an Annie.
  • Aftershock Galio/Lissandra with the extra AP and Protobelt – So much fun.
  • Cassiopeia with Luden’s First and Q Max – Much better than expected.

I also tried some solo queue combinations noticed, like Titanic Hydra Feeding Sion, a highly aggressive Pantheon and more. This preseason was the most fun I ever had playing LOL because of a really simple thing: you can now play anything anywhere. If you adapt your runes and items, you can actually do that. Yes, even Heimerdinger jungle can be big.

People criticize League of Legends. Many of the older streamers and players move away from the game. They do this simply because they cannot compete with the younger players. This is completely normal. I am 33 years old. My chances of reaching Grandmaster or even Master tiers are incredibly low. However, this does not mean that the game is not a lot more fun right now. You have so many things that you can do, so much to learn, so many challenges.

I am eagerly waiting for the ranked season to start. Only 3 days left.

Featured Image Editorial credit: Djordje Novakov / Shutterstock.com


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