I can’t believe it took me so long to watch “A Star Is Born”, especially since I have complete trust in Lady Gaga’s unquestionable talent. Thankfully, I finally did and I can say that this movie is A LOT more than what I expected. I did expect a great movie. This is why I went to the cinema to watch the movie. With so many online options like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, it’s been years since I walked into a movie theater. I was definitely not disappointed.

Speaking about “A Star Is Born”, I do not even know where to start. I literally cannot think about anything that was bad with this movie. I rarely say something like this. I watch at least 5 movies per week so you can easily imagine that in most cases there are many bad things that come to mind.

Some things that I have to point out thought:

The Performance Of The Actors

One of the first things that came to mind after the movie was over was: “F@#$ You Bradley Cooper!” I mean, this guy produced the movie, directed it, starred in it, sang in it, promoted it, built it and did so much. How can you be so good at so many things?

Bradley Cooper can easily be a country music star if he wanted to. Acting wise, I feel this is the best performance he ever had. On the whole, Bradley Cooper surprised me the most. I loved him so much in this movie. I did think the movie was going to be about Ally (Lady Gaga’s character) but I feel that the movie was about Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper’s character). I might be wrong about this but this is how I feel.

Lady Gaga…well…she can act, she can sing, she is natural, she has charisma. Can we have a “F@#$ You Lady Gaga!” too? I guess so since she was also really good. Sam Elliott had a perfect supporting role and basically the entire cast was really well-chosen.

The Soundtrack

We cannot talk about this movie without mentioning the soundtrack. There are so many incredible songs that can be mentioned. My personal favorite is below, but we also have to mention Shallow, which will most likely receive an Oscar, and the performance of I’ll Never Love Again at the end of the movie that basically makes you cry.

The best part of the audio of the movie was that the concert experience was so well-created. You actually felt as if you were at the concert. The sound editors did great work to create a truly immersive experience, one you need to experience in a surround setting.

The Story

The script was something that could have made or broke the entire movie, as it is always. You need to have really good writing for such a movie.

The story does keep you guessing enough to want to keep watching. There was no dull moment, even when scenes were really heavy or just “fillers”. The storytelling makes you want to see what happens, what happened and you want to find answers. As you get closer to the end, you are more and more captivated.

I personally expected the ending (no spoilers) around the middle of the movie. Even so, I had zero loss of focus or attention. Even if you did expect everything, the end was most likely different than what you expected, at least in how it was done.


There is not much that can be said.



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