Do you love coffee? I hope you do. I love it. There is no day in my home without at least 3-4 cups. Sizes differ.

If you do love coffee, would you like to have a really good one in just 30 seconds? If so, the Twist Press is a gadget you want to learn more about. It uses a new brewing technique (patent-pending) that requires just a fast twist. Then, you end up with one coffee mug.

The Twist Press is a Kickstarter project that is already funded. So, the device will soon be available, with the shipping date for backers being August 2019. The price is also quite cheap, around $24. It was designed by Barista & Co, with the mention that the device was already use for 2 years and it went through numerous prototypes, tests and designs. The reveal is:

Presentation Video Of Twist Press From Kickstarter


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