Lapboards are popular these days. I do not understand why but people do love them. These peripherals usually integrate a mouse pad and integrated mechanical key switches in one plank that you can use right on your lap. Corsair decided that this is not the best idea so they launch the K83 wireless lapboard that offers a built-in joystick and low profile keys.

The main focus here is gaming, but not serious gaming. Those that will want to buy this keyboard will surely use it just for casual gaming. This actually works great since the wireless device can also command streaming media players and your smart TVs. Corsair declared:

Browsing large media libraries requires more than keys, and the K83 Wireless includes a wealth of ways to browse content or even play games casually from the couch. An analogue joystick makes easy work of menus and content browsing and plays games like a gamepad when combined with the familiar WASD keys.

Now, the problem I have with this keyboard is that Corsair keeps talking about gaming. It is impossible for me to see this being really useful. It simply much better for simple activities like finding a movie on Netflix.

Just as the name implies the keyboard connects wirelessly but there is also the possibility to use Bluetooth. The keys have LED backlight and the battery is said to last up to forty hours, which is definitely a lot more than my wireless keyboard. I will give it that.

I would love this wireless keyboard as I find it quite useful. Although I do not see it useful for any gaming, it is still great for regular use and does look really good. It also looks sturdy, which is definitely a plus.


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