I have been smoking since I was around 18 years old. Now I am 34. During this time I did quit smoking two times. Once I re-started because of the stress associated with my parents getting a divorce and I have no idea why I re-started the second time. Even if I do smoke, smoking is bad. You should never pick it up and it is always better for anyone’s health to quit smoking.

The good news is there are many ways to quit smoking these days. The bad news is there are also some horrible ways and gadgets that are set up for failure. This QuitBit gadget is clearly a failure.

What Is QuitBit?

The About section of this gadget’s website states:

Quitbit was founded in 2013 by two Brown University graduate students who were trying to reduce and quit smoking. They realized that there were no simple ways to track smoking habits and created a simpler way to quit.

Their solution? A lighter… Let that settle in a little!

When you want to quit smoking, a lighter is, most likely, the worst thing you could use.

QuitBit practically tracks your smoking habits. It tells you how much time passed since your last cigarette and how many you smoke. All this while also offering you a light when you want to smoke a cig. You get a “fancy” lighter (OK, it does look quite good) for around $130. To keep things in perspective, as far as I see on Amazon, Nicorette 4 mg. costs around $35.

I have my doubts whether or not the two graduate students were actually smokers. If so, they most likely just used this lighter to keep smoking.

It is safe to assume this lighter to quit smoking failed. On their site no blog post appeared since 2016 and on the Facebook page nothing new popped up since 2018.

If you want to quit smoking, this cold turkey method (this is what is actually promoted with such a lighter) does not really work. I tried cold turkey to quit smoking 3 times just to see how it is like. Every single time the headaches were awful and although this is a method that worked for some, the only people I personally know were successful were those diagnosed with something that forbid them to smoke.

If you really want to quit smoking, please check out a trusted resource like the American Lung Association here.


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