The toxicity of League of Legends is not something new. It is actually exactly the same in all games that are played online or offline and that allow players to talk. This is a topic that is so much more complicated than what it seems at first glance. I cannot possibly talk about everything but there are some things that everyone should know when talking about the chat ban.

Why Do People Play League Of Legends?

I believe there are 3 types of people that play League Of Legends:

  • Those that want to have fun.
  • Those that want to win.
  • Those that want to both win and have fun.

Let’s face it! Losing is not something that anyone enjoys. However, when your only goal is to win, there is a pretty good possibility that you are not going to have a lot of fun and you will most likely start flaming more often than you should. (I said more often since flaming is normal from time to time, as long as you do not go overboard).

Why Are People Toxic In Gaming?

You will hear so many answers to this question and there is a pretty good possibility all of them are correct. People can flame because they had a really bad day and let off some steam. They can flame because they feel they are better and the team is inferior. They can be toxic simply because this is how they are during every single second of their lives or because they have a lot of anger in them and they cannot get rid of it in real-life.

There are countless reasons that can be mentioned but in absolutely all cases there is one thing that is true:

Being toxic in a video game does not benefit anyone! You or the others!

Did You Get A Chat Ban In League Of Legends? Good!

Now it is time to understand the fact that you deserve it. Nobody gets a chat ban from the first violation since moderators know that people have bad days. Obviously, this is not the case with racial slurs or stuff like that as they should not be present in any aspect of life.

If you think you are entitled to something or you are better because you have a penis, are white, black or have more money than others, get out of here since you are not welcomed!

Getting back to the chat ban topic, I did get a chat ban and most people I know got a chat ban. It is never the end of the world. What you do after counts though.

The rewards system implemented based on Honor in LOL is a really good thing but it cannot possibly solve all problems. Toxicity will always be present. You will also be toxic from time to time and you will want to call someone a moron, kid, noob and stuff like that. However, unless you are as skilled as someone like Faker, you have no right to criticize anyone since everybody makes mistakes. This includes Faker and the best Challenger level players in the world.

Understanding the fact that you are playing a video game that is incredibly complex and that it is impossible to be perfect is the first step to take in order to not be toxic anymore.

How Not To Get A Chat Ban In League Of Legends!

Some will tell you differently but there is one way in which you are sure you will not get a chat ban.

All you have to do is to never write anything in chat, except maybe the “traditional” GG at the end. I say this because in League you have a very good ping system. If you use pings you tell your teammates when a laner is missing, when it is time to back off, when Baron should be checked and even where a ward was placed. This is all the information a good player needs so you do not need to talk in the chat to communicate with the team.

You don’t believe me? Here is a quote from Riot Games:

Players are never banned for not communicating through chat in-game. In fact, a large portion of games are completed with very few words being said at all. If you feel you need to communicate to your team, then you should use Smart Pings. Smart Pings will allow you to communicate all vital information much more quickly than typing. Smart Ping allows the following commands to be given: On My Way, Enemy Missing (MIA), Be Careful, and Assist Me.” – Quote From here!

When you do not respond to others flaming you, they are the only ones to blame and you have no worry. If you do respond to toxicity with toxicity, you also deserve the chat ban, not just the person that started it.

Some will tell you to mute everyone. I do not recommend this. There might be important information that is typed in chat. When you mute other players, you can miss out on something that may help you to win the game. But, if you know you cannot stop yourself from responding to toxicity and flame, you can and should mute everyone.

Just use pings. It is as simple as that. Ow, and accept the fact that when you get a chat ban, you deserve it! You even get a report with why you got it. Read it and see what you said. If you feel that if someone would tell you this it would be flame or toxic behavior, well…

Featured Image from: LOL NA Boards


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