I actually listened to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s Shallow from “A Star Is Born” just before watching Captain Marvel and I have to say the title of that song is a pretty good description of the new MCU movie.

Don’t get me wrong! “Captain Marvel” is a decent movie. I am sure many will enjoy it. I liked Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers and it was pretty cool to see the young Samuel L. Jackson. However, this is a movie that, I feel, suffered a lot from timing, expectations and, in-part, writing.

The war between the Kree and Skrulls is pretty interestingly presented. You have to love the Skrull makeup. Some people speculated that the inclusion of the Skrulls in Captain Marvel was all to set up a “fake” Avenger, a Skrull disguised as an Avenger in “Avengers: Endgame”. This is much less-likely after the movie. So, why did “Captain Marvel” appear now?

There is definitely not much to connect “Captain Marvel” with “Infinity War”, except the post-credits scene that appeared in the latter. We are sure that Captain Marvel will be a huge part of the Endgame plot but it is totally unclear how she can help defeat Thanos. I know so many MCU fans that just wanted something to understand why Marvel was added and her role. Unfortunately, this will not happen.

It is quite a shame to see that a big part of how you feel about the movie is related to the connection to Endgame, when in truth, this is pretty interesting movie that offers many good moments you can easily enjoy. The nineties setting is great and the soundtrack is well-chosen, featuring songs from Nirvana and other grunge bands of the past.

Younger Clark Gregg and Samuel Jackson characters were quite well-done. Although this digital de-aging did look weird from time to time, it is so much better than in other movies of the past. Also, the fact that we learn why Jackson wears that eye patch is a nice addition, although not really enough. Talos, the main Skrull in the movie, was also a character that I liked. It was portrayed in a strange way but it definitely worked great.

The general consensus is that “Captain Marvel” would have been a lot better in the event that it would have been launched after Endgame, with the female superhero (the first one to get a standalone movie in the Marvel Universe) having a really strong entrance, one that would perfectly be complemented with a follow-up origins movie. If this was the case, I am sure the reviews for this movie would have been a lot better.

A large part of the negative response to “Captain Marvel” is the anticipation created and the fact the movie did not deliver what fans wanted to see. To sum up, Brie Larson rocked, we see an expansion of MCU with good presentations of Skrulls and Kree, the supporting cast was really good and there is a decently-good mix of humor and action. Unfortunately, the movie simply feels like it was launched at a bad time and the connection with Endgame was not well-done. The other good thing I have to say is that the special effects were good, although not spectacular. Sometimes they did seem out-of-place, mainly because of the camera work.


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