Some time ago, my roommate told me that people in Florida were crazy. It was mostly a joke since the idea was that she could easily figure out if a news story was written about someone in Florida or not based on what happened. She said that a lot of crazy things happen in Florida and we laughed a little about it.

Now, some days ago, the internet practically blew up with mentions of the Florida Man game and it is funny as hell.

What Is Florida Man?

In case you do not know, just like Slender Man, Florida Man appeared online. The only difference is that Slender Man was a horror tale while Florida Man is just a lot of fun.

You want to practically Google “Florida Man” followed by your birth date (month and day). The result is a list of weird things that happened in Florida.

People started sharing Florida Man headlines with their birth dates and the result is quite hilarious. I spent hours looking at such headlines so I picked the ones I laughed the most at.

My Favorite Florida Man Headlines

It takes a whole lot of courage or stupidity to go to the police and tell them: “Hey, dude, this crackhead sold me some bad stuff. Can you tell me if this is meth or should I go beat his a@#?”

Police chases are quite common these days but not on a scooter. I can only imagine this situation. Some people have foot fetishes but running away from the police because of smelling feet is a whole new level.

There is also a life lesson here: “If you want to run away from the police, do not do it on a scooter!”

Never thought I would ever see incest, mutilation and Dragon Ball Z in the same sentence.

They say you can vape anything but … this is a whole new level. I I I I have nothing to say about this. It is just WAY too weird.

I saw many getting into fights with machines as they were drunk but never saw a sober guy fight an ATM machine. Things are even weirder with the reason. Like, seriously? Have yourself a beer or something with the extra cash. Report it. Getting a fine because you got too much money from an ATM machine?


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