I really enjoyed Alita: Battle Angel. I did have some problems with the movie, like the ending, which I did not really like, but on the whole, the movie was quite enjoyable. It made it easy to fantesize about the future and about how people can be helped. Fortunately, James Cameron and the people behind the movie did agree.

As I was browsing the Internet with a huge cup of coffee and filled with anger as my phone broke down, a smile was brought to my face by the news that Open Bionics partnered with James Cameroon to make a girl, Tilly, really happy. While it is not news as it happened a few months ago, it is still news for me so I will consider it to be news.

Open Bionics creates the Hero Arm, which is practically an advanced prosthetic that simply looks taken out of a movie. The company created a “skin” for it. The Hero Arm was basically upgraded and made more affordable. Then, at the premiere of the Alita: Battle Angel movie, Tilly Lockey, who lost both her arms to meningitis, received a pair of Battle Angel arms. The entire story can be read here.

I am so happy to see initiatives like this. Technology is evolving really fast and the world in the Alita movie is not that far-fetched as many think. This is a bionic arm that is 3D printed and that can help millions of people from around the world.

I do expect the prices to be quite high, still, but such publicity stunts (although done with a good intention, it still works as publicity) should be shared and promoted. This is definitely about helping people, which should be a priority for many companies out there.

Congrats to Open Bionics and the movie team for making this moment something to remember.


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