When it comes to movies, it seems everyone knows what the best choice is for practically everything. It is completely normal for people to voice their opinions but it is so rubbish to see what is happening from time to time because of pure ignorance.

By now, everyone is aware of the rumors that Robert Pattinson might replace Ben Affleck in the future as The Dark Knight. As expected, this instantly led to outrage as people from all around the world cannot understand the fact that Pattinson, just like many others, is an actor. Different petitions were started to stop Warner Bros. from casting Robert as the new Batman. An example can be seen here.

When a movie franchise is highly successful and goes on for several years, the actors involved are associated with it. As a result, people start to think that they cannot act in anything else. This happened with Jennifer Aniston as she was so connected to Friends that it was so hard for her to get roles in something else besides comedies. Then, she did a rather good job in Cake.

Let’s also remember Daniel Radcliffe, who also proved he was much more than just Harry Potter. However, in his case, things were a little different since he was a child when filming started for Harry Potter, so people were kinder to him when making the shift.

Speaking about Ben Affleck, most people cried out when they heard he will be Batman and after the movies were over, so many of the same critics claimed that the only good part of Batman Vs Superman was Ben Affleck.

Should I also mention that when Heath Ledger was cast as Joker people called it the worse possible decision in the history of casting? Then, he went on to be the very best Joker ever put on film, a legend.

Getting back to the subject at hand, I remember when Robert Pattinson said something along the lines that he regrets Twilight. This is normal since people just associate you with that one huge role. They do not even know the newer movies you did, the ones in which you proved that you are much more than a sparkling vampire. But they do talk and they do start stupid petitions.

I for one would love to see Robert Pattinson play Batman. The only thing he lacks is the muscle mass (it is kind of needed for a character like Bruce Wayne) but if we learned something from Chuck personified Zachary Levi, everything is possible. I do believe Pattinson has the talent needed to create a stronger, more authentic Batman than Ben Affleck.

The bottom line here is that actors have to be given chances. If he is being considered for the role of Batman it means that someone that knows a lot about casting chose him. While people do have the right to voice their opinion, how about using arguments that are valid, like acting skills or stuff like that? Great actors can play so many types of characters and have to be given the opportunity to do this.


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