After watching MSI 2019, the most unexpected plays did come from G2’s Wunder as he locked in Pyke top several times. I fully enjoyed it, most likely like any League of Legends fan out there. However, at the same time, I did sigh in a little bit of horror since whenever something like this happens, solo queue is invaded by people that try it.

Pyke top was not something new when MSI 2019 came. Pyke was also played in mid and jungle ever since launched. The simple fact that this champion has an execute and the team also gains gold when a kill is made makes it really valuable.

League of Legends players have to understand that what is played in professional games is not necessarily great in solo queue. Ryze is a great example of that. This champion is preferred by numerous pros and works great in so many team comps. However, in solo queue it has one of the lowest win rates of all champions.

Professional teams work really hard at developing synergy. They talk a lot and they practice strategies. Such strategies cannot be applied in solo queue games.

Pyke is a great champ when used properly and when there is a team behind him. In solo queue, he is often the initiation of the team but this is a huge mistake that professionals know. Pyke is wonderful as a clean-up champion. After someone else engages and the opponents get low, he executes. If you cannot execute opponents, you die pretty fast as Pyke.

Fortunately, at least in my games, I did not get to see much Pyke top or Pyke mid. In fact, only once there was a Pyke mid that popped off and that managed to win the game, practically alone, 1 v 9.

Playing Pyke Top Is Not Trolling

While the possibility of winning a game with Pyke top is quite low in solo queue, unless you are really good at Pyke and much better than the other team, this does not mean that if you lock in Pyke top you are trolling.

It is so annoying to see people flame picks in champion select. People have the right to play Teemo jungle if they want to. This is not a troll. They can play Pyke ADC. This is not a troll.

League of Legends evolved and you can nowadays play pretty much any champion in any position. At the end of the day, the game is all about having fun. With this in mind, please stop flaming people that pick something YOU think is not suitable.

I will play Malzahar top against Riven because I can easily push, outfarm and be ahead. People will play Shaco support and do a good job with him.

The best thing that you can do is to look at what champs are locked in before your pick and to adapt. If you see a Pyke top, think about what champ you could play to enable that Pyke. This is a much better approach than flaming the Pyke.


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