When I was young, I grew up with professional wrestling. I got to enjoy the Monday Night Wars and was among the kids that were doing it at home. Some of my young role models were wrestlers. I was never a Hulkamaniac but I did look up to stars like Sting and The Undertaker.

As time passed, I kept watching wrestling since I found it quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, my satisfaction did end up going down. This is mainly since the quality of what I was seeing kept going down. At the moment, WWE is slowly dying and it is just not enjoyable. I am not going to comment why. While WWE is still incredibly strong, things are changing.

Because of the fact that I did not like what I was seeing with WWE, I tried different promotions. Sometimes I enjoyed Impact but eventually, even that went down the drain. The only other promotion that I really enjoyed and that I loved watching was NJPW but even that had some minuses.

When AEW was announced, I was skeptic. The fact that Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega were a part of the promotion was huge. Then, the news that Dustin Rhodes joined for a match against Cody got me really excited. After, news after news broke that talent was leaving WWE and joining AEW. I was really happy when I heard about Dean Malenko and Billy Gunn joining. Few people know how important these two can be in a promotion, together with so much other talent that was revealed at Double Or Nothing.

At the time of writing these lines, I just finished watching the Double Or Nothing pay per view. For the first time in MANY, MANY, MANY years, I was excited. I cannot remember the last pay per view that I enjoyed and I did watch them all.

How can you not be excited? The match between Cody and Dustin stole the show. I do think Dustin cut himself too much and that blood was just too much. This is definitely dangerous but the story of that match was incredible. The little addition of the destruction of the chair made me laugh so hard.

All the matches of this pay per view were great. How often can you say that about a wrestling show? I loved the women, for the first time in a really long time. The addition of Awesome Kong made the match worse from a wrestling point of view but the public sure loved it.

The tag team match with the Young Bucks was out of this world, proving that what WWE is doing with their tag team division is horrible. It is actually quite hard to choose the match of the night between this one and the Rhodes’ battle, which also saw DDP.

The main event was not that great in terms of wrestling. I did not understand why as I watching it but after the end it became obvious: AEW is REALLY good at storytelling. Having a match of the caliber of Omega vs Jericho 1 at the Tokyo Dome would have taken away from the big surprise of the night: the debut of Jon Moxley (f.k.a. Dean Ambrose) in a really Stone Cold Steve Austin manner. It seems a feud with Kenny Omega was set up, all as Jericho moves on to fight Hangman Page for the AEW world title and, most likely, win it, although you never know. Page would be great as champion and he deserves a big title after all the hard work he did in the past few years.

Well, AEW got me excited about wrestling again. I had great hopes for this PPV and boy were they shattered. I was so surprised by Bret Hart, practically adding more huge legitimacy to the upcoming title coronation. The appearance of Moxley was masterful and Jericho is a hell of a good heel persona.

AEW is doing great storytelling. This is rare. I will surely love it even more in the future if it continues. MJF is gold on the mic and man, there is so much to be said. AEW can actually be huge. I just hope this will keep working so great. Conclusion: Double or Nothing was BETTER than all the WWE shows in the past MANY years.  


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