Quake II will be released for free on GeForce.com on June 6 and I am quite sure many will download it. This is especially since the game will not be the original Quake II in terms of graphics. Nvidia said that the game will be named Quake II RTX and will be remastered with a special ray-tracing technique, path-tracing, which is known for being used in movies but way too expensive for video games, until now.

I am quite sure that Quake II was the very first FPS I ever played. Although I did not play many, Quake II always stood out and I kept coming back to it from time to time. I was around 12 years old when the game came out so it is normal for me to be impressed. Even now I still am by how much fun the game was.

The Quake II RTX release will feature the first 3 single-player levels for free. However, in the event that you own the Quake II game, you get the entire remastered game, available for free as a download for Linux and Windows.

Just look at how this game looks with this rendering technology.

I do not know you guys but I will sure jump the wagon and play the game again. Quake II might very well be the most long-lasting FPS ever. It is still being played today, which is quite an accomplishment.


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