I love my dogs but because of the fact that they are rescues, they have some problems. One of them is that they do not really like to be alone. While one of them is quite OK as he is just sad and inactive, the other one has a huge attitude problem. He eats the couch and the bed, just to mention a couple of the bad things he does while away for more than a few hours.

The truth is that it was my fault that my dog turned out like this. I spoiled him and since he was a little ill when a few weeks old, I spent a lot of time taking care of him. This led to the doggy being too attached. Now, when away for a party or similar, I am sure to find something destroyed in the home. Fortunately, there is a new gadget that can help with that.

I am usually not ecstatic about such gadgets but this is definitely something that I would love to have. Laika is practically a smart robot that acts as a companion for your dog when you are not home. As expected, you can control it through a smartphone app and includes a camera so you can check in on the dog whenever you want. Here’s how this robot works:

Pretty cool, ha?

Although the device is only in prototype phase on IndieGoGo, it does look like it will be a success. Some of its important features include:

  • The camera – So you can see and interact with the dog.
  • The movement – You can control the movement of the robot so you can actually play with your dog while in another part of the world.
  • The treats – Training your dog remotely is something I wish I had.
  • Autonomy – The smart robot can work alone and the manufacturer claims it can adapt to the behavior of the dog.

Similarly to a robot vacuum cleaner, Laika has a charging base and can charge itself when it runs low on energy and when you buy it, you even get a tracker leash that can be pretty useful.


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