When it comes go gaming headphones, there are countless articles written online that promote headphone x or y and so on. What most people don’t tell you is that choosing a headset for gaming is something that is personal. It does not really rely on too many technical specs.

There are countless gaming headsets that are available on the market right now. Technology evolved to the point at which hundreds of them are really good for you. It is what you like that will help you make the final choice.

The headphones I use when I play League Of Legends are these. They are just $11. This is because I just need the headphones to be comfortable and I want to hear what happens in the game. That’s all. However, when I play other games, I might also use these. It is because I like Cloud 9 and because I need better headphones.

Basically, when you choose your gaming headphones, the most important things to consider are:

Sound Quality

RUNMUS Gaming Headset PS4 Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound

You need excellent sound quality. However, you rarely need something like 7.1 surround sound quality. My recommendation is to choose a pair of headphones that offer clear sound, have some bass and that have noise cancellation.


Gaming Headset for Xbox One, S, PS4, PC with LED Soft Breathing Earmuffs

Will you use the gaming headset just for playing games where you do not talk with other people? Like League of Legends. (Let’s be serious, most people do not actually talk in game as they try to climb the ladder). In this case, the microphone is practically irrelevant.

When you want to talk with the other players, noise cancellation is very important. You want to be sure that the microphone does not catches the sound of the surroundings and keystrokes. The voice also needs to be loud and clear.


Philips Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone

This is for me the most important thing when I choose what gaming headphones to use. I once bought a pair that practically squeezed me so hard I got migraines, after just 15 minutes of using them. Sure, there are ways to get rid of that and make such headphones more comfortable, but this rarely happens.

Keep in mind that there are different choices that are available on the market. I prefer the fits that go around the ear, usually written as XL, but you can also go for XXL. A larger size allows you to hear what you should while removing surrounding noise, which can be important in gaming.

Wireless Or Wired

SteelSeries Arctis 7

When it comes to gaming, you do not really need wireless headphones, unless you will be using your laptop for gaming and you might do so somewhere else than at home. Wireless headphones need to be charged, which can be uncomfortable. Running out of juice while you play is simply horrible.

The only problem you could really have with the wired headphones is that the wire gets in the way, which can be avoided when you just carefully position it.


G-Cord USB Digital Gaming Headset with Stand

The headphones you choose need to be durable. This includes absolutely everything, like pins, speakers, the microphone and the wires. One of the reasons why I buy cheap headphones is that I overuse them. I basically destroy at least one pair per month.

HMMM. On second thought, I might need to buy a more durable pair. One of the gaming headphones I really loved was a pair of ZIUMIER that lasted months. The best pair is the one that has to be durable enough to withstand accidents and small falls, which do happen, no matter what you think.


You will think about cost when you choose your gaming headphones. However, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars. Only do that in the event that you want to support a team or a brand. Think about your budget and just choose the best ones you can afford.


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