Picture This: you go on a date and you decide to go to the cinema. How would it be if that cinema would have beds instead of chairs? This is exactly what Cinema Pathe in Spreitenbach, Switzerland offers.

The name of the cinema is quite explicit, “VIP Bedroom Cinema”. It allows you to enjoy really new movies as you snuggle up, all for around $50 per person. The bed does include adjustable headsets, just in case you do not want to sleep instead of watching the movie.

As expected, the beds will always be freshly made between the screenings. It seems that the concept was tested before and it was successful. This is quite unique since the closest so far is a number of cinemas that offer sofas and push reclining seats.

I really do not know if this type of theater would work. There are many obvious problems that would come to mind, like people not watching the movie to continue their date or people snoring because the movie they see is boring. Thankfully, the date problem will most likely not appear since the price is quite high for many and when you pay $50 for a movie, I think you want to see the movie.

I would give it a try though. As long as the movie I see is one that I would really like to see, it should be quite an experience. What do you think?

Featured Image by Pathe Schweiz


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