the haunting of hill house cruce review

It’s been such a long time since I could say something like this about a horror movie but “The Haunting Of Hill House” is definitely a must-see if you like horror movies. This is especially the case if you love those that are more psychological than scary.

Now, you can easily read all the reviews that are written by movie critics or people that think they are movie critics, but the truth at the end of the day is that this is a really good horror TV series.

Obviously, it is not perfect. I have to say that it did feel like it had to be 10 episodes long, when 8 would have been enough. 5 would have been too little but 8 would have been enough.

The good news is that once you get into the story, it is hard to stop.

I warn you: Binge watching is a thing with “The Haunting Of Hill House”!

This is a movie that took on a really tough story, one that already had a good backing and a good movie. And it managed to make it interesting and highly watchable.

Since I do not want to ruin the story as this is one of the worst things possible and way too common with reviews, like saying that the person that was supposed to have built the cursed house is now just someone that bought it, I will try to talk about the movie without any type of spoiler.

What was particularly interesting with “The Haunting of Hill House” is that it does not rely on jump scares and cheap horror movie tactics. Most horror movies these days do that way too much. This is not something that is really great and it does ruin most movies.

This TV series actually builds a story. It gets you involved with the characters and makes you want to learn more about them. The fact that the story moved really slow at times is very important.

Another thing that was truly great was that time was very well handled. There were so many situations in which you went back in time and then moved forward, with new revelations being the case every single time. Basically, this is a movie in which time is 100% relative. By the end you do know what really happened but there is a really good chance that you did not expect it, especially when it comes to the red room.

Sure, if you watch the movie to figure things out and you are not really interested in watching it to get immersed in it (why would you even watch such a horror movie in the first place if this was your goal?), you will figure out many things. Even so, I do not think anyone would be bothered.

Flanagan was responsible for directing the movie and co-writing it. I did not hear about him till this movie but I will watch many others. The camera work on this movie is stellar in so many situations and the directing is really, really good.

You actually feel as if you are a part of the story and the pacing is done at just the right speed.

Basically, if you love horror movies, you need to watch this one. Most of you will like it. After all, this is the horror TV series that has the highest ratings out of all that I saw so far. This is because it is really good.


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