How does a portable bidet sound?

Nowadays, it seems there is a gadget for everything. Unfortunately, when it comes to gadgets that are used in the bathroom, there are so many weird ones out there (sorry Japan, I am looking at you).

When I first heard about a portable bidet, I initially thought that the idea was most likely environmentally-driven and the gadget was stupid. I was proven wrong since this is actually a pretty interesting device. A really simple device that can help you to avoid using around 120 rolls of toilet paper every single year (apparently, this is how much a house uses on average).

So, let’s check out the ad for this portable bidet since it is really hilarious and brings up some important points:

As you saw, we are talking about Sonny, the portable bidet. It was designed by Box Clever and is funded now through IndieGoGo at 3078% at the time of writing.  Guess people actually care about these things. Faith in humanity might be a little restored.

Obviously, there is no video showing you how to use this portable bidet but if you know what a bidet is (I am surprised to see how many do not know), you already figured it out.

All you have to do with Sonny is to charge it, add water and then use it. You can clean the nozzle as it is removable and it does feature a pretty useful antibacterial coating.

If you need even more reasons to support this portable bidet, Sonny signed a partnership with charitable organization DROP4DROP, which helps people that do not have access to proper sanitation and adequate toilets.

Now, the big problem with Sonny is that most people from around the world are not used with a bidet and do not use it. It will take a lot more than a shiny gadget and a very funny presentation video to promote it.

Would you use it? I really hate the sensation of a bidet but I would try Sonny.


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