bikini karate babes

These are so bad

So what are the worst fighting games ever? WatchMojo created a really good video about this that I felt like sharing with you.

I can safely say that it is quite to impossible to make worst fighting games than these since technology evolved to the point at which even someone with really low experience can make something better. Just use something like the MUGEN engine and you do something better.

I have to admit that I did not even know about half of these games. I played some really bad fighting games in the past. Most of these games simply tried to take advantage of the success that Mortal Kombat had or popular movies, TV series and so on, like The Simpsons.

The top 5 of this worst fighting games is definitely spot on. Just check it out:

A Kinnect game for a fighting game? A game based on Shaq? He is definitely not good at rap or fighting. He is just huge.

The only problem I have with this top is that it does not include the horrible Bikini Karate Babes. I mean come on. This game was created for horny teenagers that would have fantasies with girls in bikinis. What makes this game truly horrible is the soundtrack and the sound effects. Also, FFS, there is a girl that shoots something from her butt. Fire from breasts? Why not? Cut scenes are also horrible. At least they put in some thought into doing something different with character Kakia that can turn invisible but that is about it.


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