most expensive domain names ever sold

How much would you pay for a domain name?

Most of us are used to paying around $12 for a domain but if you need more proof that domain flipping can be a really lucrative business, you have to read about the most expensive domain names ever sold. Some of these prices are more money than 99% of people will ever make.

The number of domain names bought and sold every single day is huge. They are bought and sold just like homes. I have no idea if more domain names are sold than homes per day but I wouldn’t be surprised.

How much do you think the most expensive domain names ever sold were? Let’s see the current top 5. – $30 Million

The sale was made on June 18, 2019. bought The domain was purchased to launch the new blockchain social media platform developed by the company. Originally, MicroStrategy Incorporated owned This is a company that was launched in the year 1989 and that offers mobile software, business intelligence and some cloud based services. was just launched in 2017 and has the goal of changing social media. With such money available to buy a domain name, it might actually achieve its goal. – $30,180,000

Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC, bought The firm offers travel services and the transaction happened in 2012. The goal was to use the site as the new address. What is interesting is that this domain name was actually bought in stock and cash. That is why the price might be a little deceiving and it might be worth a lot more. and

The reason why these two are clumped together is that one company bought them both, QuinStreet. was bought for $49,700,000 in 2010. Before that, the same company bought for $35.6 million and even for $16 million. – $90 Million

This was definitely a surprise for me when I found out about the domain name sale, especially since it happened in 2005., LLC bought it for this incredible amount from Stephens Media. is an online travel agency that is quite destination-specific, as you can easily imagine. It appeared in 1998 and surely does really well at the moment.

So what do you think? Did you expect these numbers? I sure didn’t!


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