Bugatti Noun smart cooker

When Bugatti creates appliances, they look really sleek. The Bugatti Noun Smart Cooker is proof of that. It definitely does not look like a cooker. In fact, if you just look at it, you most likely have no idea what it is. This is why a video showing how it actually looks like might help, or not:

Some Details

  • The Bugatti Noun Smart Cooker has an adjustable temperature – 50 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius
  • Glazed Surface
  • Has to be hand washed
  • 300 degrees Celsius is reached in 80 seconds
  • Dimensions: 23 cm H x 54 cm W x 23 cm D

Price: $2,330.89 on Harrods

Noun is presented as an appliance where innovation meets design. It is hard to argue with that description. The gadget uses 2 high-resistance heating elements. What is really interesting is that they are made out of transparent ceramic glass. Inside the glass there is a semiconductor. This is what creates a pretty exciting way to cook, all inside transparent glass. It is practically impossible to burn something, unless you look at something else until your food burns.

Obviously, I would need to be filthy rich to buy the Bugatti Noun Smart Cooker. Even then I might think twice. However, who knows? It is great to dream, right?


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