WWE ruins The Fiend
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After watching the first show of AEW Dynamite, I have to say that I am really happy  It feels great to watch wrestling again and now there are so many options available, basically for everyone.

I have to be honest and say that I am starting to watch WWE less and less every single month. I am just not invested in what is happening. WWE Hell In A Cell was an event that I missed since I was only interested in the Bray Wyatt (Fiend) match and did not order the PPV since I was sure the Fiend will win.

Now, I wake up the morning after Hell In A Cell and I see thousands of wrestling fans really angry. It’s been a long time since I saw so much hate all over Twitter in regards to wrestling. Everything was about the Bray Wyatt fight.

With all that reaction, I had to go and watch what happened. I have to say that I am also angry right now.

Bray Wyatt was the hottest thing WWE had and the buildup of this character was literally a work of art. Bray put in so much work and what he was doing was simply incredible. When I saw his first entrance as The Fiend I marked out hard. It was something truly special.

Now comes Hell In A Cell, where it is possible that the WWE literally destroyed all the hard work that Bray Wyatt put in the character. All with an ending that can only be described as stupid.

The fact that the lights were red was not at all bad. I enjoyed it, although it might be difficult for the wrestlers and might have to be reconsidered.

When it comes to the bad parts, man there are many that can be said:

  • The Fiend is now too strong – Wyatt took countless finishes and was hit with countless “weapons”, only to keep getting up. This made him more superhuman than The Undertaker in his prime. Right now, it would be straight-up idiotic if he would lose any match. The character simply became impossible to beat.
  • Destroying the Hell In A Cell concept – Sean Waltman participated in the show the WWE had with watch-along or however it is called. He said it best, something like “How in the world can you be DQed in a Hell in a Cell Match?” The WWE quickly said that the match was a no-contest but it is still really dumb. And they have a PPV named after the match type.
  • Seth Rollins’ image was damaged – Seth Rollins is arguably the biggest star in the WWE right now, together with AJ Styles, but Styles will retire early since this is what he wants. Seth Rollins will not and stays in the company as the main guy after the Reigns constant push failed. Rollins is accepted by fans but now he was made to look too unstable and even weak (you can debate this, of course).

What do you do with The Fiend next?

You cannot do anything with The Fiend now except a squash regular match in which he destroys Seth Rollins. If this does not happen fast, and it seems that the WWE will not do this fast, the character of the Fiend loses momentum.

I simply cannot understand how the WWE manages to take such bad decisions in the past few years. However, everything boils down to this:

WWE Does Not Listen To The Fans

I am a marketer. This is my specialty. One of the first things that you learn is that you ALWAYS listen to the people that buy your product. They will tell you what they love, what they hate. This does apply to pro wrestling.

The fans made it clear that the match was rubbish. They were screaming “Refund” and “AEW”. The fact that they were screaming AEW is the best thing since most WWE fans are not actually AEW fans but they are moving towards it because the WWE is forcing them to.

While Hell In A Cell had its moments and was not a horrible PPV (if we remove the Fiend vs Rollins match), the first episode of AEW Dynamite, a weekly show, not a PPV, was better.

WWE should listen to the fans or they are going to have huge problems in the future, especially as they are spending a lot of money on XFL and the evolution of NXT.

The fans wanted Wyatt to win. It is as simple as that. While you can do something and not give the fans exactly what they want only to make it have sense, what they did with the Fiend was horrible.

I Am So Sorry For Wyatt

The work that Bray Wyatt put into The Fiend is superhuman. I did drama for 12 years and I fully understand how much work he did. Most likely, most people do not but they still understand what he managed to create.

While there are some problems with The Fiend character, they do not matter at all. Now, what happened truly matters. The only possible reaction that Bray Wyatt could have had after this match was to say “F@#$ You” to everybody and go home. But he would be faced with a lawsuit if he did that.

I truly wonder how much the WWE also managed to destroy Wyatt’s heart for the character. He surely worked for over a year on this and it takes so much emotion to create something so different than normal reality. Now, he is left only with uncertainty and stupidity in front of him.

I hope Wyatt will recover and the guys that work on the show realize how upset WWE fans are right now. This is the first time I saw MINUS 1 star ratings coming from reviewers. This is how bad this was. In a world where Kenny Omega might always bring out a 6 star match with literally anyone, WWE managed to get a literally ZERO star match rating for the HOTTEST star they have right now.

So glad that Finn Balor went to NXT because I can only imagine how much the WWE would destroy a Demon King vs The Fiend feud.

I will not miss any AEW show and am so glad I canceled my WWE Network subscription.

Featured image from: Wrestletalk YouTube Channel


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