should you wash your keyboard

I believe most people that use their keyboards a lot end up with one that is filled with grime, dust and hair. Mine is particularly dirty as I use it for over 10 hours every single day. Also, how many things do you spill on it all the time? Maybe you smoke and you know what happens to the keyboard then.

Obviously, you will easily wipe off the keyboard with your cloth but eventually, this is not enough. You will surely end up thinking about washing it. But can you put in a dishwasher and wash it? Or, can you just wash it in a sink?

Keyboard manufacturers do not actually recommend that you wash a keyboard but you can definitely do it. All that you have to do is use Google and you will find examples of how someone washed their keyboard.

Washing Your Keyboard

Example of professional keyboard washing/cleaning

Personally, I do believe that you can easily wash your keyboard. I did it so many different times in the past. However, there are some things you should know:

  • Always use mild soap when you clean the keyboard in the sink.
  • All the cords have to be covered. This is where you have to be really careful. Also, when you open the keyboard, there will be electronic parts that you will see. Remove these and do not wash them.
  • When you remove keys, which should be done if you wash the keyboard, be sure that water temperature is not high. This can warp most keys.

The MOST important part is allowing the keyboard to dry. At least 3 days is a very good idea.

The Washable Keyboard Option

One of the most popular washable keyboards is the Logitech K310. It is around $35. There are many others that exist on the market right now. The problem with most of these is that they are marketed as being washable but they are not officially safe for the dishwasher. I never tested them but I have to say that this should be easy to do in theory.

If you want to be particularly safe, you can always go for Unotron’s dishwasher safe mice and keyboards. You can also opt for Seal Shield. These are great because they even have waterproof USB cables.

Obviously, you can always go for the regular option: do not get the keyboard dirty. I know many that have spotless keyboards. Not me. But it can be you.

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