The Banana Phone

Would you want to have a phone in the shape of a banana? As weird as it sounds, I would. So, when I first saw the banana phone on Amazon I was quite excited. The problem was that this is just a handset, not a full phone. You connect it to your smartphone so you still need a smartphone to get it to work. Even so, imagine your friends when you answer your banana phone.

Banana Phone Features

  • Good audio
  • Compatible with Android and Iphone
  • Durable construction
  • 100% Recycled ABS
  • 70 Hours Idle time – 10 Hours talk time – Bluetooth range of 30 feet

Ok. 30 feet is not that much. Still, a Banana phone? Why not? It can definitely be a great gag, although pretty useless. Fortunately, the Banana Phone is just $40.

Buy It From Amazon


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