samsung digital door lock

Out of all the home automation devices that you can use, smart locks instantly stand out as a clear entry point into brand new technology. They can add style and functionality right in your front door.

We are now able to buy smart locks that include WiFi, Bluetooth and voice assistant. They also look great and availability is growing at a faster pace than ever. Just look at all the highly affordable smart locks on Amazon. Most of them are easy to install and have some clear advantages you should be aware of.

You Don’t Need Keys

This is an obvious advantage but one that has to be mentioned. Smart home technology is all about adding convenience. With smart locks, this is all about fast and easy access. You no longer have to worry about where you put your keys and can even stop using them altogether.

If the smart lock is connected to your WiFi, it can be remotely locked. Usually, this is possible with the use of a plug-in WiFi bridge that connects to the home’s network.

Let’s say you forget if you locked the door when you left for work. The smart lock will let you know that you did that.

First Impressions Count

Contrary to popular belief or you might have seen in the past, smart locks are not at all oddly shaped or clunky. Even those that look standard look great. I am not going to give examples right here (more later) but the bottom line is that you can make a wonderful first impression when someone comes over.

Let In People When You Are Not At Home

Let’s say you own a vacation home and you rent it. Then, you get a customer. You do not even need to be at home to let him/her in. The same goes for cleaners, dog walkers or friends that want to crash.

There is no longer a need to hide a key set or copies. Digital keys can be offered through most smart locks thanks to an app. You can even restrict when people can enter the home.

One pretty interesting example is Amazon Key. It works with many brands and lets delivery persons enter the home thanks to a unique one-time access code. This allows the package to be placed right in your home. This can be uncomfortable for some homeowners but a service like Amazon Key is not at all a problem.

Burglars Will Not Target Your Home

Many homeowners are afraid of burglars but what most people do not know is that burglars want really easy targets. By simply having a smart lock on the door, most burglars will not even consider the home. This is especially the case if you have security cameras.

Burglars know how to open most regular door locks. Then, they look for when you are not home and hit. With a smart lock it is not at all easy to quickly gain access. Even if someone does, you will receive a notification that the door was opened.

Getting A Smart Lock

To sum up, the smart lock does make a lot of sense. It is not difficult to install it and the benefits above are instantly gained. Some are incredibly cheap. You may want to install one as soon as possible. This is especially true since many are cheap, like:


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