Quebec City bike rack

Quebec City is trying to become more bike-friendly but locals do not seem to like what the authorities are doing. It is quite easy to understand why since adding some bike racks should be really simple. However, the ones that are added cost in total $165,000 CDN and they are just 7 of them.

Designers were commissioned 2 years ago to create unique bike racks. The goal was to create something that was functional and aesthetically-pleasing. These were supposed to be added to the historic neighborhoods.

As is always the case with such auctions, a number of submissions were received (18). The finalists were 2 and they are both weird:

These firms received $30,000 CDN each. This was to cover full design rights. Then, semi-finalists also got money. Jury members received money and even extras were spent in taxes.

While industrial design does not come cheap and can be quite expensive at times, the result was getting bike racks that cost $2,950 CDN each. This is quite more expensive than what many expected.


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